3 thoughts on “Concourse News”

  1. I want to thank our Race Secretary Mike Byrd for his fast response when there was a truck break down during shipping of the Mono Lake Race. Also thanks to Darwin Stork for transporting the race at the last minute due to the break down. Mike and Darwin got the race shipped and released on time.

    Mike Robinson
    395 President

  2. I have a one loft race called the Silver Bullet Classic. I’m located in Smith, Nevada. As of now I plan on flying a south to north course on the 395. Could one of the officers send me a copy of your 2017 young bird schedule with dates. I would like to avoid clashing with the birds from your concourse. You can email it to me at rusty_williams@live.com or mail it to me at: 62 Artist View Dr.
    Smith, Nevada 89430. Thank you in advance for your rapid response.

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